Local Art Studio Offering Art Lessons


After attending a paint night with a similar company, we put our minds together and thought, how can we make this different? What can we do to make us stand out from the rest? It dawned on us, why not take this concept TO people, not make them come for it. So that is exactly what we did. In September 2015, we hosted our very first in home paint party with about thirteen ladies around a dining room table. From that night on, it became our passion and our desire to make this business successful.


We offer awesome paint experiences for people of all ages. Our clients have the option to host in home or in studio paint experiences. They have the freedom to choose their very own idea of what they want to create as well as different color options, textures, and techniques. Part of what we try to do is ‚Äčeducate, so that when our clients leave, they have a little more knowledge than what they came in with.

Our goal is create an environment where people can be themselves, and be confident knowing that they will create something that they will love and not want to throw in their closet when they get home. We want to provide every one of our clients with a customized paint experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

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