NordVPN is mostly a newcomer inside the VPN industry that quickly rose to the top of the list in 2012. The business is located in Compared with, far from countries that spy on internet users. It has helped NordVPN quickly become a well liked among THAT pros and normal users alike. It is also compatible with most operating systems and comes with good customer support.

NordVPN has 5579 servers spread across fifty nine countries. However, Avast SecureLine only provides 55 servers in thirty four countries. This will make it less flexible than NordVPN. Fortunately, both corporations have trial offer board portals comparison times, which are enough to make a good decision on what VPN in order to purchase.

NordVPN wins through this VPN campaign thanks to their superior security and privateness features. The company also provides many private payment methods, including Bitpay. Avast VPN does not, however , offer any anonymous payment options. Even though both companies allow torrenting, NordVPN comes with superior personal privacy. In addition for their high encryption level, NordVPN also has a kill switch to prevent spyware and and spy ware from diminishing your privacy.

NordVPN offers an improved selection of web servers and better speed than Avast. Nord also helps more devices, such as routers. Moreover, Nord offers a 7-day trial offer.