Fundraising Experiences

Twisted Easel is proud to offer great fundraising opportunities for your charity, athletic team, church group, special cause, or other group.

You can hold a fundraiser with a creative project of your choice, the options being canvas, glassware, or bottle torches, which you can view on our Pricing Guide. These popular events are easy and fun for all ages, and are simple to set up.

Twisted Easel will donate 20% back to your organization up to 30 tickets sold. 25% for 31 or more tickets sold. You must sell at least 20 tickets to hold the event. All supplies, materials and instruction are included in the cost. Events can be held in-studio (max of 24) or off-site. Event will require 1-1.5 hours for set-up and no more than two hours for the event itself. All advertising and marketing of your event is a very important part of a successful fundraiser, use fliers and social media to advertise your event. TE will provide a flier if needed. Twisted Easel will do the ticketing on our website. A check for the total raised will be presented on the night of the event.


Holding a successful event requires only a few simple steps from you. All you need to do is pick ideal dates for holding your fundraiser then decide where you want to hold your onsite or offsite event.

Our studio is available at no charge to you and can accommodate up to thirty people.

Alternatively, you may hold your event at another venue and we will come and set up and clean up at no extra charge. We will travel up to 50 miles for an out-of-studio event.

Once you have that figured out, contact us for scheduling a particular date and location. We take care of the rest, such as selling the tickets and supplying arts and crafts, so you and the invitees just need to show up and have fun!


Twisted Easel Etc. will create an invite, complete with an event link, for you to post and send to prospective supporters. We will also post your event on our Facebook page and our website, and will even help you create flyers!

We understand that to have a successful event you must promote it by sending emails, creating social media posts, posting on organizations’ websites and, most importantly, talking to people face to face. Our goal is to assist you in getting many people to learn about the fundraiser and crucial information such as the event’s time and location.

We will also have a registration and payment tab on our website so you do not have to sell paper tickets, so just click on our site’s EVENTS tab to view your event.

All of our fundraising events have a 20 person minimum, and our in-studio events have a 24-person maximum.

Fundraising by Group Art Lesson
Fundraising Kid Art Lessons
Fundraise by Art Event
Fundraising group taking art lessons